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Prior to enjoying your great cup of Timothy's coffee, our coffee beans have gone through several transformations to develop their
unique qualities, characteristics, and flavours.

The quality of the beans, the art of roasting the beans, and the freshness of the roasted coffee all play an integral part in creating that perfect cup of Timothy's coffee.

Timothy's: The difference starts with the finest quality beans

There are two different species of coffee trees that are grown commercially for coffee consumption: Arabica (Coffee Arabica) and Robusta (Coffee canephora).

Coffee beans are the seed of a cherry that come from the coffee tree. Arabica trees produce higher quality cherries than Robusta. Arabica trees grow in semitropical climates near the equator, both in the western and eastern hemispheres, between 2000-6000 feet above sea level. These trees require a delicate balance of sunlight, shade and frequent rainfall, and it can take a long time for these coffee cherries to grow. Because ripe Arabica cherries (unroasted beans) fall to the ground and spoil, they must be carefully monitored and hand picked at intervals. This requires a great deal of time and effort to produce and pick these perfect cherries.

Once these cherries have been hand picked, the fruit of the cherry is removed from the green seeds (or beans). The coffee beans are washed and dried, and then sorted by size and graded. At this point the green beans are bagged and sent to Timothy's for roasting.

Timothy's selects only the top 1-5% of Arabica beans from coffee growing regions around the world. Timothy's beans are Specialty grade, which is the highest grade possible.

The precision of roasting these high quality beans is paramount in producing a superb cup of coffee.

Mastering the art of roasting to produce rich, fabulous roasts

Coffee roasting is the art and science of roasting green coffee beans in a large, gas heated rotated drum, at approximately 400 degrees. Although sounding simple, roasting is one of the most important aspects of creating superb coffee.

Roasting is the process in which raw, green coffee beans are transformed into brittle brown beans. The roasting process caramelizes the sugars and carbohydrates in the beans, and this creates an oil-like substance, called caffeol. This gives the coffee its colour, flavour and aroma. The longer the coffee is roasted, the darker and more oily its appearance becomes.

The entire roasting process requires precision, control and careful monitoring. Our Master Roaster utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that each roast is perfect.

Light, medium and dark roasts

Although each coffee that Timothy's produces has a specialized roast profile, coffee is generally roasted to a light, medium or dark roast. The length of roasting time determines the coffee's colour, texture and taste.

Just as with wineries, a coffee farm's geographic location can greatly affect how the plant grows and how the beans taste. Timothy's beans are roasted to highlight the unique characteristics of the land in which they were grown.

Roasting coffee beans is an exact science and Timothy's rigorous testing ensures that each batch is roasted to perfection. This results in specialty coffee with the richest aroma and flavour possible.

How does Timothy's ensure that each roast is perfect?

It's all about the Cupping

Cupping is the technique used by tasters to evaluate the flavour profile of a coffee. At Timothy's, samples of green coffee are cupped before it is purchased, after it travels to North America, and after it has been roasted.

And the cupping doesn't stop there! Once the coffee has been purchased and roasted, each small batch is cupped to ensure perfection.  If the coffee is being further processed, or ground, the finished product is cupped again. 

The quality of the coffee and the precision in roasting is paramount to Timothy's great coffee, and the last - but crucial - step to great coffee is ensuring freshness.

Freshness is essential for a great cup of coffee

After coffee has been roasted, it begins to lose its freshness immediately. When coffee is exposed to air it deteriorates, loses its flavour and aroma, and eventually becomes stale. Exposure to oxygen must be minimized once coffee has been roasted.

Timothy's coffee is packaged immediately after roasting, or immediately after being ground. A one-way valve bag is the best way to package coffee to lock in freshness and flavour.

Enjoy a wide selection of Timothy's wholebean or pre-ground coffee in one-way valve bags – freshness is guaranteed!

All of GMCR CANADA HOLDING INC. (Timothy’s division) products, including coffee, tea and hot chocolate, are certified kosher by KSA.