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Timothy's is committed to working with organizations and communities who are concerned about environmental and Sustainability. By supporting programs that protect land use, assist farmers, and promote sustainable coffee-growing practices, Timothy's provides its customers with both an ethical and excellent cup of coffee.

At Timothy's World Coffee, choosing the right suppliers is as important to our customers as it is to us. We partner with the world's best manufacturers to provide the most innovative products and offer the highest level of quality, service and value to our customers.


In our search for the freshest way to enjoy Timothy´s World Coffee®, we found the patented Keurig® brewing system. Designed by true coffee lovers, this system lets you brew a perfect cup of coffee in less than one minute with no measuring, no mess, no clean-up. Every cup of Timothy’s® coffee brewed by a Keurig® brewing system is perfect and the secret is the patented K-Cup® Packs. Each small K-Cup® pack contains its own filter and a precisely measured amount of freshly roasted, ground Timothy´s® coffee. You simply select your preferred variety, place the K-Cup® pack in the brewer drawer, and press the button. Less than one minute later, you will have a freshly brewed cup of your favourite Timothy´s® coffee.


Coffee Growers Associations

Timothy’s World Coffee® sources only the top 5% of arabica coffee beans from around the world, which is considered Specialty Grade Coffee. Timothy’s® works with several coffee growers’ associations to ensure that the coffee is not only the highest quality possible, but that it is also grown with sustainable farming methods and the producers are treated with dignity. The Colombian Coffee Federation, The Fisher Fund, Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade are a few of the organizations that Timothy’s® works with to provide consumers with the most delicious and ethical cup of coffee.