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Timothy's World Coffees is a high quality brand that sources only the top 1-5% of the world's Arabica beans, to produce the best pure origin coffees and unrivalled custom blends. Across North America, Timothy's serves over 100 million cups of this high quality coffee in a wide variety of formats.

Whether you wish to serve a memorable coffee on your airline, on your train, or in your restaurant, Timothy's can provide solutions for all of your coffee requirements.

Companies work hard to ensure that the consumer experience with their products and services is a positive one. Serving Timothy's World Coffee will guarantee that you are providing your customers with an extraordinary experience. Ultimately, this results in a positive response to your own brand image.

For further information about Timothy's coffee solutions, please contact us at 1-888-WE-ROAST (937-6278).

Whether you are offering Timothy's coffee in your hotel rooms, your lobby or in your restaurant, your guests will know that you are offering the best products to them with a brand that you trust. Timothy's World Coffee can provide coffee solutions for every area in your hotel.

Timothy's produces in-room coffee that will work with any standard 4-cup coffee maker in your guest rooms. Timothy's in-room coffee is packaged in an individual bag with the Timothy's logo printed on each package. Timothy's also offers pre-measured packages for use in your restaurants as well as single cup coffee solutions for your lobby and the meeting areas in your hotel.

A combination of Timothy's products will offer a consistent, branded image when you are serving coffee in your hotel. Familiarity with the brand offers a feeling of comfort and your guests will be pleasantly surprised to enjoy Timothy's World Coffee in their travels. Contact us for more information at 1-888-WE-ROAST (937-6278).

Timothy's World Coffees is a recognized and well known brand across North America. Our strong history of retail success makes Timothy's an ideal brand to offer to customers in a variety of retail formats.

Timothy's is always launching new and exciting products. Timothy's offers convenient single cup coffee, including pods and K-Cup® Packs, single cup coffee equipment, whole bean coffee and pre-ground coffee in bags. In addition to coffee products, Timothy's has a selection of other merchandise available including tea, hot chocolate and seasonal items.

Over the last three decades, Timothy's has been providing consumers with high quality products across the continent. If you are interested in providing Timothy's products in your establishment, contact us for more information at 1-888-WE-ROAST (937-6278).

Timothy's Fraction Packages

Timothy's World Coffees is available in convenient pre-measured packages for commercial drip brewers. Timothy's fraction packages are nitrogen flushed to lock in flavour and freshness ensuring that familiar Timothy's café taste.

Each Timothy's fraction package contains the top 1-5% of the world's Arabica coffee and is available in a wide variety of blends for office or foodservice consumption. Contact us at the number below for more information.

Please see below for our wide selection of fraction packages roasts and flavours.

To Order please call: 1-888-WE ROAST (1-888-937-6278)