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Certified Products
Q. Do you have any Organic or otherwise certified coffee K-Cup® packs?

Q. Which of your whole bean coffees are Fair Trade certified?

Ingredients and Nutritional Information
Q. Is your coffee gluten free?

Timothy's K-Cup® Packs
Q. What is a K-Cup® pack?

Q. How are K-Cup® packs used?

Q. Can K-Cup® packs be purchased in Timothy's® Cafés, or are they mail ordered only?

Q. Can you provide the nutritional information for K-Cup® packs?

Q. What flavours of coffees and teas are in your K-Cup® variety pack?

Q. Do any of your K-Cup® packs contain dairy products or milk derivatives?

Q. Are K-Cup® packs recyclable?

U.S. Product Purchases
Q. Are Timothy’s® products available for purchase in the United States?

Q. Why is it so much less expensive to buy K-Cup® packs in U.S. currency – versus Canadian currency – from an American online store I recently visited, even though the coffee roasting plant is in Canada and exported to the U.S.?

General Product Information
Q. Do you sell coffee pods for commercial grade brewers?

Q. Do you sell hot cocoa for the Keurig® brewers?

Q. What ingredients go into your Chai Tea?

Q. Is your K-Cup® pack Chai tea gluten free?

Q. What ingredients do you use to produce Timothy’s® Lemon Blueberry Tea K-Cup® pack?

Q. What decaffeination process does Timothy’s® use?

Q. What is Methylene Chloride?

Q. Is Methylene Chloride decaffeination safe?

Q. How does coffee decaffeinated with Methylene Chloride taste?

Q. What is the “Swiss Water Process”?

Q. How are your teas decaffeinated?

Q. Is your Green Tea caffeinated or decaffeinated?

Q. Is your Lemon Blueberry tea caffeinated or decaffeinated?

Q. Can I use my own coffee with my Keurig® brewer?

Q. What's the difference between Keurig's B30, B40, B60 and B70 K-Cup® pack brewers?

Technical Questions
Q. What browsers does this website support?

Q. Is the information on this site kept secure?